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Infertility is a full-size issue. For approximately 30% of couples, the trouble is in each partner. Therefore, it can be considered that the man contributes to infertility in around half of all cases.

About one in 20 males have low numbers of sperm, inflicting infertility. However, the handiest about one in every 100 male have no sperm at all.

Your physician will commonly ask your medical history, behavior a physical exam, and do a semen analysis. This will analyze the number, shape, and motion of your sperm. They may take a blood test to check the stages of hormones that control sperm production or for genetic testing. In a few cases, the health practitioner will test the urine of the patient to look if sperm are present, which can arise when there is retrograde ejaculation. Sometimes your medical doctor will advocate an ultrasound, MRI, or a testicular biopsy, which is a small surgery to put off a tissue for testing. To get the best treatment for Andrology, Dr. Rajesh Ranjan in Patna is available to guide you with the best treatment.

Symptoms of Andrology:

In maximum cases, there are not any obvious signs and symptoms of infertility. You will commonly have no problem with sexual activity, erections, and ejaculation, and your semen will look regular to the bare eye. You have to undergo medical exams to help discover the reason for infertility.

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