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Best Nephrologist in Patna : Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan

If you are suffering from chronic kidney disease ad looking for the best nephrologist in Patna then you have landed on the right page. Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is one of the experienced and skilled nephrologists who has treated many chronic kidney diseases and helped patients to live a normal life. He is now giving his services at Satyadev Super Speciality Hospital which is counted among the top urology hospital in Patna.

When You Should Visit A Nephrologist?

If your kidneys are not functioning properly or you are already suffering from chronic kidney disorder and renal disease, you should immediately visit a nephrologist. There are many urologists who claim to be the best nephrologist in Patna but in reality, there is a difference between urology and nephrology. But like other doctors, Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan do not claim to be best, he provides the best treatment and that’s why he is counted among top nephrologist in Patna, Bihar.

What Diseases Does A Nephrologist Treat?

A nephrologist is actually a kidney specialist who is capable to treat almost all types of chronic and life-threatening diseases related to kidneys. Satyadev Super Speciality Hospital’s nephrologist department has a team of skilled urologists and nephrologists who are guided by Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan to provide the best care and treatment to patients. Being one of the best nephrologists in Patna, Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan provides the following services:

  • Treat chronic kidney diseases
  • Cure life-threatening renal diseases
  • Deal with urinary tract infection
  • Regulates counts of uric acid
  • Treat high blood pressure and diabetes

Generally, a nephrologist offers non-surgical treatment, but in some cases, the patient may require surgery. As one of the best nephrologist in Patna, Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan has experienced to perform surgical treatment too. Just because of his quality experience and quality treatment he is also known as one of the reputed pediatric nephrologists in Patna.

Why Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan As Best Nephrologist In Patna?

Being one of the experienced nephrologists in Patna, Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan has conducted lots of hemodialysis sessions and assisted countless renal transplants successfully. He holds experience in the diagnosis and treatment of nephrotic syndrome, staghorn calculus, hydronephrosis, etc. Not only this, but he also conducts kidney biopsy test in Patna and has rich experience in the post-operative kidney transplant procedure. So, if you are also looking for the best nephrologist in Patna who provides optimum treatment at a reasonable cost, Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is the right name for you.

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