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Best Uro Oncologist in Patna

The need of uro oncologist arises when you have diagnosed with Cancer of male reproductive organ and the cancer found in the urinary tracts of both gender. These are may be prostate cancer, Kidney cancer, adrenal tumours, bladder cancer, testicular cancer and cancer of the penis. These cancers are tackled by Uro oncologist. You can get the treatment of such cancers at Best Uro oncologist Doctor in Patna. Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is one of the Best Uro Oncologist Doctor in Patna whose skills and techniques are most advanced in diagnosis.

Uro Oncology is a field of specialised oncology which focuses on cancers of urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. Uro oncology in Patna, a few hospitals are available in which Satyadev Superspeciality Hospital is one who provide cheap and best services to their Patients.

It is necessary to recognise any kind of cancer at an early stage, so it can be cured successfully at right time. If it is not diagnose at accurate time then it is impossible to treat and save a life.

Some signs reveals that you need a uro oncologist to save your life

  • Blood in the urine
  • Feeling pain or Burning sensation during urination
  • Frequent Urination
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Lower back pain or side pain

These diseases may arise due to smoking, Bacterial infections, obesity, family history of such conditions etc.

Treatments Requires:

  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Targeted Therapy
  • Immunotherapy

Treatment of Some Diseases as mentioned below:-

Prostate cancer – A cancer that develops in male reproductive organ, these are slow growing cancer which may spread to other organs, generally in lymph nodes and bones.

These diseases can be cured by surgery, various forms of radiation of radiation therapy, hormonal therapy or chemotherapy.

Kidney cancer – It initiates in kidneys cell which is growing out of control ultimately forming a tumour. So it is quite necessary to recognise it at early stage to cure it successfully.

It can cure by some advanced therapies such as Biologic therapy, Targeted therapy, Radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

It can be cured with some advanced surgeries like Radical nephrectomy, Simple nephrectomy, Partial nephrectomy.

If it is not removed by surgery, then doctors may suggest some some therapies to destroy it such as Cryotherapy, Radiofrequency ablation, Arterial embolization.

Testicular Cancer – It occurs in the testicles. It occurs rarely in comparison of other cancers. It is treatable even after it spreads beyond the testicle depending on the type and stages.

It can be removed by surgeries like Radical Inguinal Orchiectomy and Retroperitoneal Lymph Node dissection.

So, if you looking for Best Uro Oncolgy in Patna, there are several options available to you but it all are highly at cost. Satyadev Superspeciality Hospital is better option which is cost efficient and has reputed Uro ongologist in Patna i.e., Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan. He is one of the Best Uro Oncologist Doctor in Patna who treats their patients with appropriate surgeries and therapies. 

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