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Facilities Provided By Us

Laser Surgery – A procedure owned by medical practitioners to treat specific diseases through special light beams instead of instruments.

Laparoscopic Surgery – A surgical process in which surgeons insert narrow tubes into your abdomen through a small incisions.

24/7 Medical Emergency Services – You will get emergency services at all times as our team is available to assist you.

24/7 ICU Services – ICU services are also available to for patient at any time.

Air-conditioned, Semi-private, and General Ward – Semi-private Hospital fully air-conditioned containing General Ward.

Pathology and Computerised Pharmacy – Well facilitated Pathology Centre and computerized Pharmacy.

Major and Minor Operation Theatre – Operation theatres are available for major and minor operations.

Elevator facilities – Facilities for elevators are available to help patients as well as their companions.

Clinic departments – Different clinical departments are available at our hospital.

Emergency and Trauma Care Unit – Specialists are available to intensive care for high-risk injury patients.

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery – Minimally invasive surgery is owned by Surgeons.

X-Ray Facilities – Diagnosis of diseases with the help of X-Ray.

Chest Medicine – Medicines related to any chest problems.

Neurology – It also cares about neurological disorders.

General Surgery – Every type of surgery is performed by the available surgeon.

Plastic Surgery – The facilities of plastic surgery are also available.

Nephrology and Urology – Departments of nephrology and urology managed by the best Nephrologist and Urologist.

Pediatrics – Proper medical care for infants, children, and adolescents.

Gynecologist – Department of Gynaecology available.

Physiotherapy – Medical treatment to maximize and restore of physical strength of Patients.

Dietician – Treat diseases like malnutrition and other severe diseases through nutrition therapy.

Dialysis – Treatment that helps kidneys in purifying blood with the help of machines.

Urology – Treatment of surgical and medical diseases of the urinary tract system and male reproductive system.

ENT Diseases – Specialists of diseases related to the ear, nose, and throat.

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