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Ureteric Stones


A urologist treats diseases concerned to the urinary system. Our urinary system is comprised of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. These organs purify the blood by putting off the waste and excrete waste from the body in the form of urine.

Urine passes through tube-like structures called ureters to reach the bladder. To locate ureteric stones, you need to seek advice from the best quality Urologist in Patna. Dr. Rajesh Ranjan, the best Urologist in Patna, is there to provide the best advice. You can take tests like blood, urine, and undergo tests inclusive of a low radiation dose CT experiment to diagnose the condition.

Stone evaluation is a procedure that is probably done to determine the reason for the stone formation. The stone evaluation entails straining the urine for stone particles that are then examined in the laboratory.

It’s also beneficial to get the ureteric stones treated within a short time of their existence; otherwise, they can be harmful to the body of the patient.

Its signs and symptoms may include:

  • More frequent urination
  • Urine this is cloudy or has a strong smell
  • Blood within the urine
  • Back pain and facet ache, regularly just underneath the ribs
  • Pain with urination
  • Nausea and vomiting

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