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Best PCNL Surgeon in Patna: Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan

In Patna, there are few hospitals available where PCNL procedures performed by reputed surgeons. PCNL surgery is used by many surgeons to remove stones that may larger in size or present in the upper ureter. At Satyadev Superspeciality Hospital, you get the treatment of the Best PCNL Surgeon in Patna, Bihar i.e., Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan who has efficient experience.

When PCNL Surgery is necessary?

PCNL surgery is required when stones are not resolved with the surgeries like lasers and shockwaves. This is another alternative that may affect the state of the stone and completely removes it. You also acquire PCNL Surgery in Patna with certified specialists. Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is among well-experienced PCNL Surgeons who performed PCNL Surgery successfully.

This procedure does not take long-term hospitalization as you can get well soon and will free to perform other activities of living. It also performed with minimize incision size, pain, blood loss, and blood transfusion.

Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is one the best PCNL Surgeon in Patna, Bihar who vastly experienced in PCNL procedure. If you choose a reputed and certified medical practitioner for PCNL surgery then you expect to recover promptly and have a quality lifestyle.

The procedure of PCNL Surgery

PCNL Surgery is performed in the well-facilitated Hospital in the condition of general anesthesia. Before starting the procedure you visit the radiology department where CT, Ultrasound, or x-ray will perform for the guide access to the kidney. And then you will be transferred to the operating room for the procedure.

At the operating room, the surgeon will make a puncture in your kidney with the help of X-Ray imaging through a tube to remove the stone. During the procedure, your surgeon will break the stone into fragments with the special equipment and then remove them with drainage tubes in the kidney.

Few Lithotripsy doctors in Patna perform PCNL surgery and resolved the problem successfully. At Satyadev Superspeciality Hospital, many patients are recovered promptly with PCNL surgery. Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is one of the Best PCNL Surgeon in Patna, Bihar who perform this procedure efficiently along with his properly trained team.

Things you should aware of after surgery

Once PCNL Procedure is done you may face multiple factors as mentioned below:-

  • Stay at Hospital – You have to stay at the hospital for 1 or 2 days.
  • Post-operative pain – You may feel severe pain in the area of the flank for few days, which may be controlled by medications.
  • Diet – You may take mostly liquid and specified solid foods which may digest easily for the first two days. The intravenous fluid will supplement your diet to keep you well hydrated.
  • Physical Activity – It is advised to the Patient to keep walking 4-6 times a day after the surgery, it reduces the chances of forming blood clots.
  • Nephrostomy Tube – This tube is placed between the skin and kidney which drains the urine directly from your kidney into a drainage bag. This is removed generally after the 1-2 weeks after the surgery.
  • Secondary Procedure – Sometimes, there is the necessity for a second-look procedure when some fragments of stone retained through the original nephrostomy.

PCNL surgery also may conclude with different complications and risks if not performed accurately. It may include bleeding, injuries to different organs, infection, or incomplete stone removal. You must immediately visit your surgeon if you accompanied by severe fever and pain that does not go away with pain killers after PCNL surgeries.

You get access to all these facilities at Satyadev Superspeciality Hospital which is best known for Lithotripsy in Patna. They perform every required ailment for the betterment of the health of patients. Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan has expert knowledge that will reduce the chances of any kind of infection or complications.

So, anyone who is looking for the Best PCNL Surgeon in Patna, Bihar Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is a good alternative to them. Satyadev Superspeciality Hospital is one of the best sites for the treatment of removing stone with various procedures such as shockwaves and laser surgeries.

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