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Best Urologist in Patna

Welcome to Satyadev Superspeciality hospital : A urology hospital, Kidney, Stone & Laparoscopy Centre in Patna

One of the top Urology Hospital in Patna, Satyadev Urology Kidney, Stone & Laparoscopic centre welcomes you to Ensure Best Treatment .

डॉक्टर की सलाह: पेशाब से खून आता है तो हो जाएं सावधान, कई बीमारियों के हैं लक्षण news

Satyadev Urology is a Kidney Stone & Laparoscopy Hospital established in 2017 by Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan (General Surgeon and urologist) who is also awarded as Icon of Health and pride of Bihar. He is senior urologist, Kidney and Stone Surgeon in Patna. The hospital is an internationally famed and reputed Kidney and stone clinic in Patna. It is famous for Laparoscopic Surgical Process, Endoscopic Urology, Uroflowmetry, Urologic Surgery, Endoscopic, Urology, Endoscopic Surgery, Nephrolithiasis, Post-Operative Nephrology, Urology and lot more.

Being one of the experienced and best urologist in Patna, Bihar, Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan has treated many chronic urology and kidney related diseases. He has a team of expert urologist who take care of patients like their family because their main motive is to cure the disease and help people live a healthy life. They also take care of treatment for Kidney Transplant, Kidney Cancer, Kidney stone, etc., as it is a Dialysis Centre and Kidney Hospital led by one of the reputed  Kidney Stone Specialist and Urologist in Patna.

Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan, a renowned urologist in Patna with the experience of treating critical kidney patients. He has been working relentlessly towards improving the kidney health of the patients and equipping the hospital to provide the same.

Satyadev superspeciality hospital has a team of experienced urologist and diagnosticians team. Under the guidance of Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan they provide quality treatment with utmost care. Reconstructive urology surgery is his speciality performed incorporation with safety, privacy and comfort of his patient. Having more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan is specialized in providing comprehensive care to diagnose and treat various urological problems in adults as well as children.

best urologist in Patna
Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan

Urologist and General Surgeon

M. Ch (Urology)

Laparoscopic and Transplant Surgeon

best urologist in Patna
Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan

Urologist and General Surgeon

M. Ch (Urology)

Laparoscopic and Transplant Surgeon

Best Nephrologist in Patna

As one of the best urologist doctor in Patna, he has 15+ years of experience in the field. He has very experience and well trained in endourological procedures and complex laparoscopic cases as well. All types of kidney diseases are consulted in the Satyadev superspecialty hospital including patients of acute kidney injury, nephritic syndrome, chronic kidney disease etc. Dialysis centre in Patna is present under one roof under the supervision of one of the best urology doctor in Patna

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in the urinary system which can be in any part including kidney, bladder, ureters and urethra. This can lead to serious kidney damage if not taken care in time, so it is advisable to visit a urologist if you are observing symptoms like –persistent urge to urinate, burning sensation, etc. Dr. Rajesh Ranjan has been treating even the most complicated urological conditions with utmost perfection. Mostly the infections occur in the lower urinary tract – bladder and urethra, but if not treated on time can cause the infection to travel to the kidney, which can be even fatal.

urinary tract infection

Our Main Services

Bladder outlet obstruction preventing effective bladder emptying. This can result from prostate gland enlargement.

Bladder Stones

Kidney stones form from minerals and salts in the urine that clump together when the urine becomes highly concentrated.

Kidney Stones

The urinary system, comprised of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra, purifies the blood by removing waste substances.

Ureteric Stones

The prostate is a walnut sized gland that sits underneath the bladder in men. The urethra is a urinary tube that starts from the tip of the penis.

Prostate (BPH)

As per the WHO, Andrology is engaged in all aspects of male Reproductive Health. Assessment involves detailed history and proper examination.


The modern era of less time has caused the paradigm shift of treatment of urological patients towards less time consuming treatments.

Office Urology

Cancers are on the rise, pan-world, probably because of early detection and longevity. In India Bladder Cancer is the 5th most common cancer.

Uro Oncolgy

Diagnostic laparoscopy is a procedure that allows the doctor to look directly at the contents of a patient’s abdomen or pelvis.


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Dr Rajesh Ranjan, an eminent urologist from Bihar has been conferred with the award of BEST UROLOGIST OF THE YEAR - BIHAR by ASIAN HEALTH CARE SUMMIT & AWARDS 2021 for his outstanding contribution in the field of Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery from ASIA TODAY REARCH & MEDIA . This event was organized at National level at Hotel Shangrilas New Delhi. Jai Hind, Jai Bihar.

Patient Feedback

We value our Patients and they value our service

Laparoscopic Stone Surgery in Patna

Excellent hospital with well qualified Doctor Who has ability to perform difficult
operation in a very simple way without any pressure.

Devendra Tiwary

True Professional & committed doctor, gives personal touch to his patients and
more importantly a good human being.

Kumar Manish
Best Urologist in Bihar

One of the greatest surgeon and urologist in Patna I have ever met.
doing all advanced laparoscopic and urological cases .

Best Bladder Cancer Surgeon in Patna

Very happy to find this Doctor!

Its a beautiful hospital with amazing hospitality . Dr. RAJESH RANJAN is not only experienced urology doctor in Patna, he is also a nice man.
I always look for this hospital when I would have any need specially in patna as well as
location wise is also good. I recommended all contacts.

Guddu Sharma
Dialysis in Patna

Superb facilities and treatment. 1st grade cleanliness. I could surely tell that this is the best urology hospital in patna. My health is totally okay now. Very happy.

Akshay Singh
Urology Clinic in Patna

One of the best doctor for Urological problem in patna. All advanced Urological procedures like PCNL,URS, TURP,HERNIA, HYDROCELE ,ALL ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY LIKE LAPAROSCOPIC NEPHRECTOMY, PYELOPLASTY,GALL BLADDER SURGERY DONE. Atmosphere is well maintained, clean and hygienic.

Rajiv Kumar Singh
Kidney Transplant in Patna

Best treatment by one of the best urologist in patna, DR. RAJESH RANJAN. My problem is totally solved now. I had went to many hospitals in patna but l could surely tell that this is the best hospital in patna.

Ananya Singh
Top kidney specialist doctor in Patna

My patient took treatment at satyadev superspeciality hospital by dr Rajesh ranjan (Senior urologist in Patna). Qualified doctor and good service.

Kunti Sinha
Best Urologist in Ashiana Nagar

Good treatment done by DR RAJESH RANJAN. Hospital is very clean. Also Good OT room is available for operations.

Akshay Sharma

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