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Kidneys and Covid-19

Does covid cause kidney Problem?

Covid 19 is the disease caused by coronavirus that led to global pandemic within two years. It is known to damage the lungs, heart and brains. As more people get infected in these past years, more understanding of these diseases are comes out.

Now a day new variant of coronavirus develops serious health problem among people. Now it is affecting kidney and liver function. If you have kidney problem then it may be chances of getting severely ill.

The kidneys are excretory organs below your rib cage. It control blood pressure and helps to get rid of extra waste from your body.

Researchers conclude that most of the people infected with covid19 get an acute kidney injury and there is also a chance of kidney failure in some people. Dialysis is also required in some cases when the condition of the patients becomes critical.

How covid does damage the kidneys?

When virus enter in the kidneys, kidney cell receptors enables the covid to attach with them and starts to make copies of their own, potentially harming those tissues. Kidney problems also arise due to abnormally low level of oxygen in blood.

What are other causes that affect kidneys due to covid?

  • Immune response to covid can be so much in some people that it develops a problem called cytokine storm. Cytokine is a special types of protein helps to send message to immune system to fight with infection but large influx of cytokine cause inflammatory reaction that destroy healthy tissue of kidney.
  • Kidneys work like a filters that ultimately flush out waste product from the blood. Covid can cause tiny clot to form in blood vessels of kidney leading to impair its function.

Organ system like heart, liver and kidney support each other function when the coronavirus damage one organ, other may be at risk of getting damaged.

Do Kidneys recover post covid-19?

As far as we are concerned about Covid related kidney damage, many people get improvement from kidney damage in comparison to those who need dialysis. Even those patients who are in ICU with acute kidney injury have also required dialysis. However, the need for dialysis is a worrisome problem developed in patients with Covid-19.

What should you need to know about Covid?

You are more likely to get very ill from Covid19 if you have kidney related problem. That’s why it is more important for you to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
We already know that protection is better than cure since we need take some important steps for the prevention and to live a better life and the steps are:

  • Maintain proper distance from infected person.
  • Try to avoid large crowds if possible and always wear mask.
  • Always wash hand and get your hand sanitized.

Researches disclosing the damages that Covid-19 has on Kidneys

Every day researchers is discovering new facts about coronavirus and how the corona is damaging kidneys. They say that patients with covid related kidney damage should follow their doctor to assure their kidney function will return to normal or not. Long-lasting kidney damage requires major treatment.

We have already known the fact that how covid are affecting our daily lives especially for that person who is suffering from covid related kidney problem. Furthermore the longer a person will go without getting infected, the better chance to get the benefit of future treatments.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from kidney-related problems pre or post covid then it is recommendable for you to visit Dr. Kumar Rajesh Ranjan, the best kidney surgeon in Patna who is very credible and experienced in the very field.

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