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Urological Oncology


Urological oncology is a special oncology that deals with cancer-related to Urological organs. The exclusive organs that come below this sub-specialty encompass:

Thousands of men and women are identified every 12 months with most cancers of the prostate, bladder, or kidney, in addition to testicular cancers. Breakthroughs in cancer care, experimental treatment options, and ongoing studies into the causes and capacity treatment options of urologic malignancies spell new hope for sufferers from all walks of life. The Best Uro oncologists in Patna, Dr.Rajesh Ranjan, is specialized to provide the best treatment for Uro Oncology in Patna.

  • Kidney
  • Prostate
  • Bladder
  • Adrenal gland
  • Testis

Signs of Urological cancer:

Haematuria: The existence of blood within the urine is one of the cardinal symptoms of urological cancers. This may be blood. This is seen to the bare eye or blood within the urine picked up on urine testing.

Urinary symptoms: The presence of urinary signs and symptoms indicated trouble with either the bladder or the prostate gland. The symptoms include going to the bathroom to skip urine frequently, wanting to strain to skip urine, want to rush to the bathroom to skip urine or urinary leakage.

Pain: Pain in the loin area (on either side of the backbone between the ribcage and hip bone) may be indicative of trouble with the kidneys. Pain within the decrease part of the stomach, beneath the umbilicus which radiates to the penis or the testicles, is a sign of a problem with the prostate or bladder.

Feeling of a lump: Cancers related to urological organs can cause a palpable mass either within the loin area, lower stomach, or inside the testicles. Any lump within the testicle desires urgent expert evaluation.

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