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Andrology: An Overview

Andrology is a medical speciality that deals only with men's reproductive systems and urological issues. Andrology is the male version of gynaecology; however it is not usually regarded as a separate speciality like gynaecology.

Andrology specialists deal with all male health issues, particularly those involving the genitourinary and reproductive systems. As a result, every medical issue that is specific to males and experienced uniquely in the male body can be treated by an urologist. Andrology encompasses a wide range of illnesses and functions, including male fertility, penile dysfunction, and genitourinary issues. Procedures including as vasectomy, prostatectomy, and circumcision may be handled by andrologists.

Male Infertility: Cause, Diagnosis and Treatment

Any health complication that creates difficulties for a person's female partner to conceive is referred to as male infertility. Infertility is a problem affecting 15% of marriages all over the world. Infertility is becoming more common in Indian men as a result of changing lifestyles. Infertility affects 15-20% of the population, with the male component accounting for 20-40% of cases. In India, the frequency is roughly 23%.

Causes of male Infertility

Problems with spermatogenesis are the most common cause of male infertility. This might be caused by hormonal issues, poor testicular function, or obstructions in the male urogenital system. The production of sperms in testicles could be limited under following conditions:

  • Inflammation or damage to the testicles
  • Severe ailment
  • Testes that haven't been descended
  • Hormonal dysfunction
  • Testosterone replacement treatment
  • Misuse or abuse of anabolic steroids
  • Obesity

Anomalies that result in specific parts of the male reproductive organs not maturing at all, like as congenital bilateral loss of the vas deferens, might make sperm transmission difficult. Other men's reproductive systems may be blocked due to scarring or an accident during surgery, or for unexplained causes.

Understanding the reasons and then addressing them has become a necessity of the hour. We already know that several lifestyle and environmental variables, including as smoking and alcohol usage, might contribute to male infertility. However, according to recent studies, the usage of electronic and digital media devices has a significant influence.

Diagnosis of Male Infertility: Your doctor will generally conduct a sperm count examination or a blood sample to assess your levels of hormones in figuring out what's causing your problems. They may order an ultrasound to examine the anatomy of your testicles and some other scrotal contents, or they may order an infection test. A testicular biopsy may be required in some circumstances for confirmation.

Treatment of Male Infertility: The treatment of male infertility varies depending on the reasons, which include:

  • If your infertility is due to a change in your lifestyle, your doctor can help you make the necessary changes. They can also investigate alternate therapies if medication for a medical problem is contributing to your infertility.
  • In order to cure your infertility, your doctor may recommend hormone therapy or other drugs.
  • If varicoceles or blockages of the urogenital tract are the origin of your infertility, surgical treatments can be performed.
  • If your infertility therapy fails, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) might be ready to assist you and your spouse conceive.

Consequences of Male Infertility

Male infertility is linked to testicular cancer and poor health caused by a variety of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Infertile males are also more likely to die than fertile guys. These links do not imply that every infertile guy will get disease or die young, but they do serve as a reminder to take care of yourself and seek medical advice if you have any health issues. If you and your spouse have been trying to conceive for a year or longer but have been unsuccessful, you should both go to Satyadev Super Speciality Hospital.

The chances of getting pregnant naturally may still be there, but it is better to start looking into it as soon as possible. Both men and women fertility declines as they age. Fertility issues can cause a lot of stress for both parties, so talk to your doctor about couple's counselling so you and your spouse can support each other the best you can. Some fertility clinics are more focused on women than on couples, however both partners' fertility should be checked from the start.


Male infertility is a serious worldwide health problem that has received little attention or research in order to fully comprehend its scope and prevalence. More study on the underlying aetiology and therapy of male infertility is still needed. As a result, male infertility is a common cause of infertility that has a significant influence on a couple's psyche and physiology. It might be attributed to a variety of factors. In addition, the current literature indicates that it is becoming more prevalent in India. As a result, it is critical to investigate the causes that are generating such an increase in male infertility, and to make efforts to reduce such variables in the near future.

In the future, we can collaborate in this sector to attain particular objectives, such as:

  • Patients should be encouraged to come out and express their issues by removing the stigmas connected with infertility that are based on religious and cultural beliefs.
  • To assess the frequency and scale of male infertility, develop an internationally accepted population-based computation.
  • To raise public awareness concerning male infertility.

The exact rates of male infertility in poor nations are difficult to come by due to an issue with the definition of male infertility and a lack of reliable reporting, rather than because they are a real depiction of male infertility. However, in the future, we may undertake numerous research studies to determine the key reasons of male infertility and try to eliminate such variables that may impact male fertility in the future.

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