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Natural Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

What are the Seven Natural Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones?

When a hard mineral deposits inside the kidney, it may be considered a kidney stone in broad-spectrum. More likely a person with a kidney stone can experience barely credible pain and unfortunately, can reverse to those who had already been through it.

Kidney stones are basically deposits of certain minerals and salts which crystallize inside the kidney by forming small to large masses. If they get completely crystallized then they can no longer dissolve naturally and need to be passed through the urinary tract system. Kidney stones are somewhat more common than we think and it has already grabbed almost half of the population.

With this article, we try to enlighten your acknowledgment about the seven natural ways that help you to prevent kidney stones naturally. Kidney stones are not only an annoyance but can be extremely throbbing and escorted by an array of other symptoms.

Conditions like having bloody urine, nausea, intense lower back pain, urine with a foul odor, stomach aches, or fever are determined as the most frequent symptoms. If you are experiencing any of such symptoms from the last or more than a few days, you should necessarily visit an experienced urologist. To prevent these situations we intend you a few ways to keep yourself healthy by preventing kidney stones.

Best 7 Natural Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

For being a healthy person, you need to look up to a number of things to help your body actively fight the formation of kidney stones. Follow these natural 7 best ways to prevent kidney stones to garner the prevalent benefit.

1. Drink Plentiful of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to preventing kidney stones. In fact, it debatably can be the preventative action an individual can take. Being a dehydrated body, you may experience concentrated urine that makes it harder for a person’s body to naturally dissolve minerals which can cause kidney stones. Start by taking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, it helps you to keep yourself hydrated and more efficient to dissolve the minerals naturally.

2. Lessen the intake of Soda

As soda consumes an excessive amount of sugar it is extremely unhealthy for all. We have seen a lot of evidence that shows that sugary drinks with high-fructose corn syrup can lead to developing kidney stones. If you aren’t an individual who drinks plenty of water, try to take it with slices of citrus or a few mint sprigs instead. A urologist suggests you lessen the intake of soda so that it helps you in eliminating the deposition of minerals inside the kidney.

3. Include Calcium-Rich food in your Diet

Calcium is an important component that helps in reducing the risk of kidney stone formation. Most kidney stones are formed with calcium oxalate that can be easily eliminated by including naturally rich non-oxalate calcium instead of taking calcium supplements. Calcium oxalate-rich food can be difficult to break down if you’re prone to kidney stones. The oxalate present in the food ends up binding to calcium in the urine and increases the risk of kidney stones formation.

4. Reduce the intake of Sodium and Caffeine

As salt is most likely to increase the possibility of dehydration that leads to a stronger breeding ground for developing kidney stones. Reducing the amount of sodium intake helps an individual in preventing kidney stones. According to a urology specialist, too much sodium can prevent calcium from being reabsorbed from the urine to blood. Caffeine is also a product which you need to intake in limit. It speeds up a person’s metabolism and causes dehydration.

5. Eat less animal protein

If you’re susceptible to kidney stones, it is advisable to minimize the intake of food that is rich in animal protein. They are acidic and are prone to amplify urine acid that may cause both uric acid and calcium oxalate kidney stones. By avoiding foods like beef, fish, poultry, pork you can lessen the risk of kidney stones. One can mitigate the effects of animal protein by incorporating more vegetarian proteins.

6. Considering Preventative Medication is a must

To regulate the amounts of minerals and salts in urine a number of preventative medications are available. This can be beneficial for the people who experience chronic kidney stones in reducing them. In order to investigate kidney stones, there are different types of preventative measures.

7. Increase the intake of citric acid

Citrus fruits contain an organic acid that may help in preventing calcium oxalate kidney stones in just a few days. If you are adding lemons and limes to your diet it may help you in preventing calcium oxalate by binding calcium in stones. Regular usage of critic acid helps you in binding existing calcium oxalate crystals to prevent stones from getting larger.


To prevent kidney stones naturally, here we have given you several natural ways. By considering these behaviors one can get rid of calcium oxalate kidney stones naturally. Consulting an experienced doctor can also suggest you these natural ways, depending on your condition from minor to major.

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