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Bladder Stone

What are bladder stones?

Before talking about the cure of any disease, one must know what it is? Here, we are talking about Bladder Stones. It can be defined as hard lumps of minerals that form inside the bladder when it’s not fully empty of urine.


It’s hard to guess about the symptoms of bladder stones, as some may not feel it due to the small size. Some claimed that bladder stones are small enough to be passed out of the bladder when one pee. However, many have mentioned that they felt it because the stones sometimes disturb the wall of the bladder and even block the flow of urine. Well, warning bells of bladder stones includes:

  • Stomach pain, sometimes severe
  • Men may feel pain around the penis
  • Face difficulty while peeing
  • Urinating more frequently, especially at night
  • Dark-coloured or cloudy urine

Medical scholars have claimed that most cases of bladder stones are associated with men aged 50 and above due to prostate enlargement. But it doesn’t mean that women can’t get bladder stones. Well, one can say that bladder stones rarely affect children.

When one should consult doctor

If you are facing above mentioned symptoms like peeing more frequently, suffering from persistent abdominal pain then consulting a doctor is necessary. One can’t say that facing these issues will result in bladder stones but then also in order to be sure a medical visit can be done. If your doctor finds any indication of bladder stones then he/she may ask you for some test reports. First, you will have to present your blood and urine test report. Blood test reports will help medical professionals understand if there’s any kind of infection prospered inside your bladder. After these procedures, healthcare professionals will take an X-ray of your bladder. If you obtain a negative X-ray report that doesn’t mean you don’t have bladder stones. This is because all types of bladder stones are not clearly visible in X-rays.

To make things more clearer, an ultrasound scan is preferred rather than X-rays. Another alternative for identifying bladder stones is cystoscopy. In this process a cystoscope, a thin tube with light and camera at one end is inserted into the urethra to have a clear view of the bladder.

The image captured by the camera will be displayed on a screen so that urologists can see it. This technique helps medical professionals a lot in treating different kinds of bladder related problems.

How is bladder stones removed

It is to be noted that without performing surgery, one can’t remove stones from the bladder. Many people fear surgery but it’s needed for the permanent solution. Now, let’s talk about how medical professionals actually remove stones from the bladder. The most common procedure for removing bladder stones is cystolitholapaxy. It is performed with the help of a cystoscope. Urologists will first find the bladder stones, then they will use stone-crushing devices or lasers to break the stones. After removing the stones, it is important to cure the causes of bladder stones to prohibit new stones developing in the future.

Steps you should follow to avoid bladder stones

As it is said “preventions are better than cure”, then don’t take it only as a saying but implement it in your life too. If you don’t want to welcome bladder stones then follow these steps:

  • Increase your water intake, or at least have that much amount needed to have a healthy life.
  • You must not delay when your body asks permission for urination.
  • If you are unable to empty your bladder in the first attempt then try again as holding urine for long is not a healthy practice.

One can only perform preventive measures on their own but once any disease attacks you it’s better to consult a doctor instead of becoming oneself. Waiting for the treatment may make you regret it in future. As untreated bladder stones have fatal consequences.

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