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What Urine Color Says About Your Health?

The urine color gives us a right indication about health.The colors change according to the food consumption, even sometimes medicines make changes. Though, in certain conditions, these changes show health disorders, which you should not underestimate. It can be an infection or some kind of disease.

Basically, urine is a liquid waste of our body that is mainly of water and also urea & uric acid come along. Generally, the changes in urine color are experienced due to dilution of the urochrome pigment made up of the damages of hemoglobin.

The color depicts your health, so it is necessary to focus on changes regularly.

You should not hesitate to give a sample of your urine when it is asked at the doctor’s clinic. It allows your doctor to know about your health and they should start treatment if anything is found suspiciously in the report.

What Your Urine Color Says?

Every urine color can let you know about different things, so you should not take the stress. Even so, if you observe an unusual color, then you must consult with your doctor.

Clear urine

Clear and transparent urine color says that you are consuming lots of water daily. Being hydrated is really a good thing but always looking clear can specify that you should reduce the intake of water. Urine that infrequently looks clear is no need to worry. Reducing your water consumption will also make you go less to the bathroom.

Cloudy or foamy urine

Changes in the fluid consisting of foamy or cloudy can indicate a urinary infection, a kidney problem, an excess of specific minerals, or a sign of illness. Sometimes, it also makes you know about dehydration problems. Another thing to consider is that you are consuming red meat or a high-fat diet regularly.

Pale yellow or gold urine

When your health is good, your pee should fade gold or somewhere yellow. It's beneficial to routinely monitor your peeing condition to know what colors come out so that you could get to know what is different from usual days.

Amber urine color

Brownish-yellow urine is called Amber Urine. Light shine yellow pee is considered safe and indicates that you are including more vitamins in your diet as per your body requirements. You should get a doctor's suggestion on which vitamins will be good for your body and follow them accordingly.

Bright yellow urine

If you regularly include vitamins and supplements in your diet, this may be responsible for this color of urine. This is safe and shows that you are adding more vitamins to your body. You should take an appointment to meet your doctor over this and discuss what vitamins your body needs or not.

Brown urine

Brown color in peeing allows you to know about serious dehydration or a liver problem. This color of urine is misunderstood as a dark red, which may be caused by blood. Brownish pigmentation is also experienced by taking more rhubarb or fava beans. It can also be an unexpected result of certain medications.

Red color

Red urine can vary in color and this means your urine contains blood or it can be due to kidney disease or infections. This may also be produced by including blueberries or beets in your diet.

Orange color

Orange urine states that your body is dehydrated and requires water. It may also have occurred because of your liver problem. Another cause is that you have consumed carrot juice or red food color. Lots of medicines can also turn your urine orange, which is prescribed for urinary relief.

Blue & green

These two colors in urine are not normal. Maybe it occurs due to an unusual hereditary illness or germs during urinary infection. However, it's experienced due to the medicine or food color you take.

Purple color

Purple color urine happens in unusual situations when a person uses a urinary catheter, even if he or she has a urinary infection.

When to seek the advice of doctors for urine color?

In some cases, changes in the urine are short-term and safe. Sometimes it is the outcome of consuming specific foods, and regularly taking medicines or supplements. However, changes can also be an indication of a major hidden health problem.

When you observe your urine color is responding differently, you must think to get a check up. This is particularly sure if the problem lasts for a day, or if you experience back or side pain, high fever, shedding with peeing, thirst or nausea.

Blood during your peeing is a common indication of urinary infection, kidney problems, or urinary cancer. Brownish or orange urine is associated with an infection in the liver, particularly, if it's partnered with yellow eyes and skin.

Stinking urine

Apart from changes in urine color, you should also focus on urine smell while going to the bathroom. Changes in urine odor can happen by an unseen problem, but also due to your last night's meal. If your diet is creating problems, you must change it and start taking healthy food for your body.

Last words

Your health is analyzed just by checking your urine. Your medical specialist will let you know more about it after doing some comprehensive test that follows during the urine treatment, which is conducted at the clinical laboratory. You just put a little bit of urine in a jar whenever you visit your doctor to check up.

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